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10 landscapes summoned from all over the universe, and brought into the metaverse. Each landscape represents a chapter in the story and was auctioned off as a single-edition NFT (crypto art). The series has been minted on

Gliese 436b • Made of exotic “always-on-fire” ice that never melts due to high pressures

Where ice meets fire

Cyan stopped counting her age at around 270. She’s ready to die.

Having lived through the big migration to New Mars, dozens of binary star sunsets and spacewalks on the Tannhäuser Gate, there’s not one thing she regrets. She put on her favorite dress and hitchhiked all the way to Gliese 436b to spend her last moments walking on the beautifully scorching ice. It felt like a poetic way to go.

Unfortunately, the immense pressures and destructive temperatures felt like nothing but pleasant tingles. Extremophiles don’t die easily.

Right as she was zoning out with the nice little fiery sparkles…

ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch OUCH

Apparently, boredom is useful — it pushes us to do cool new shit that occasionally changes the world. It’s the perfect excuse.

Also, being bored totally makes sense, like what’s so interesting about the universe anyway? It doesn’t even attempt to entertain us anymore. It’s just full of black holes and stars going supernova all the time, and diamond planets and sideways glass rains and binary star systems. You know, boring stuff.

So, if you have the luxury of being a living sentient matter capable of feeling boredom, and you happen to be a designer at the same time, you’re…

My thought process on choosing color and illustration style. Originally published on the official Adobe blog

It was 2013. I sat down, played some music, dimmed the lights, and opened my laptop. Had a ton of shit to do. In an attempt to summon inspiration, I started mindlessly drawing lines from one corner of the screen to the other, when suddenly a comet formed. “Hm…”, my brain was slowly waking up, “…what if I connect the lines and add some planets”. Being the master procrastinator I am, I did just that. And I did a couple more things after that. …

1. That time I got single Indonesians to hate me

When Tinder pioneered the card interface, back then it made sense to accompany the cards with yes/no buttons. Those buttons served as a backup option in case people didn’t figure out how to swipe the cards.


Self-taught designer @ Google • Part-time cyborg dabbling in crypto art

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